Nouvelle version de Netvibes

Encore une belle évolution à venir de la meilleure application du web … NETVIBES

As announced at the web 2.0 conference in Berlin there’s a new netvibes update in town. Ginger is the new netvibes and is coming to your favorite browser very soon. Just a few days from the private beta launch at Le Web 3 conference in Paris it was impossible for us not to share a few pics and unveil the exciting features that are coming.

Thanks again for your incredible feedback. We have learned lots and are soon ready for major updates in the product.

More content, more easy access :

Netvibes is the cool start page that you use everyday, but did you know that more than 100,000 widgets that can be added on the page ? To make netvibes content even easier to consume, netvibes has partnered with more than 100 major media publishers to build premium widgets. With ginger we will provide content for 100 countries and we will natively support right-to-left languages. Here you can see a preview of our new content interface for netvibes:

Ginger a social netvibes :

Don’t browse alone anymore, because with ginger you are on netvibes with all your friends. Import your friends from your favorite social networks or make new friends.

Activity :

This is a new feature that will be very popular amongst netvibes users. Now you can archive and tag as favorite any content or any widgets for yourself or with your friends. Want to save this article or share this cool photo or vidéo? You can do it in just one click.

Create your universe :

With ginger, you can create your own universe and build your public netvibes page. Add all your social presence widgets, create tabs with preloaded content for your friends, add your myspace or facebook friends, and distribute widgets. With the netvibes universe you can express yourself the way you want.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming days as we will unveil more features and the upgrade release schedules.

enjoy !

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